Case Study:
Hyper-growth support
for One Click LCA

Case Study:
Hyper-growth support
for One Click LCA

Case Study:
Hyper-growth support
for One Click LCA

How we transform Sales and Data Quality

for One Click LCA

with Salesforce Customization

How we transform Sales and Data Quality

for One Click LCA

with Salesforce Customization

AgileDev Group

Client Overview

One Click LCA, a Helsinki-based provider of a decarbonization platform for the construction and manufacturing industries. One Click LCA recently secured €40 million in growth equity from PSG Equity and InfraVia Capital Partners. This significant investment supports the company’s ambitious plans for research and development, global expansion, and mergers and acquisitions, highlighting their hyper-growth trajectory. Faced with scalability challenges and data quality issues, One Click LCA partnered with AgileDev Group to streamline their business processes and enhance data insights using Salesforce customization.

One Click LCA helps clients measure and improve the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure through life cycle assessment tools. With over 200,000 LCA datasets and supporting more than 70 standards and certifications, the company serves thousands of customers in over 150 countries, including major enterprises like Skanska and LafargeHolcim.

Company details:

Project Description

Scope of Work:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization: Tailored solutions to meet unique business requirements, fine-tuning standard features and developing custom features.

  • Workflow Enhancements: Automated solutions to streamline sales processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Data Model for Analytics: Custom data structures and KPIs to enable data-driven decision-making.

  • Data Quality Improvements: Identifying and fixing legacy data issues, implementing validation rules, and automating data entry processes.

  • Integration: Integrated Payment and Accounting systems with Salesforce for seamless card payments and revenue recognition.


Using the agile Scrum methodology, AgileDev Group ensured a cost-effective and flexible approach throughout the project. We held daily stand-ups for full transparency and alignment, involving only the necessary stakeholders at each stage. This selective involvement helped in maintaining focus and reducing unnecessary costs.

Development cycles were kept to a maximum of 2-3 weeks, allowing for frequent feedback loops and iterative improvements. By delivering features incrementally, we could quickly adapt to the client’s needs and ensure that each new feature met their requirements before moving forward.

Additionally, the team size was flexibly adjusted based on the workload, optimizing resource utilization and maintaining cost-effectiveness. This approach allowed us to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions while staying within budget and ensuring timely delivery.

Challenges and Solutions

AgileDev Group worked closely with the One Click LCA team to identify key pain points and develop innovative, customized solutions. The primary issues revolved around scalability, data quality, the need for better business insights, and reducing manual tasks. By addressing these challenges collaboratively, we implemented effective solutions that not only resolved existing issues but also set up One Click LCA for future growth and success. Below, we delve into the specific challenges faced and the tailored solutions provided to overcome them.


  • Scalability: The company needed scalable processes to handle rapid growth.

  • Data Quality: Legacy data issues and data entry errors needed to be addressed.

  • Business Insights: Management required better visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Manual Tasks: Excessive manual tasks were slowing down processes and increasing the risk of errors.


  • Custom Automation: Implemented automated solutions to reduce manual errors and streamline processes.

  • Data Model: Developed a custom data model for tracking specific KPIs.

  • Validation Rules: Introduced validation rules to maintain data quality from the point of entry.

  • System Integration: Set up integration with external payment and accounting systems to automate manual tasks and ensure seamless operations.

Technical Objectives:

  • Customize Salesforce Sales Cloud to fit unique workflows

  • Develop custom workflows and automations

  • Enhance data quality with validation rules and automated checks

  • Integrate external payment and accounting systems to automate manual tasks.

By systematically addressing these challenges with our tailored solutions, we were able to significantly enhance One Click LCA's operational efficiency and data integrity. Our approach not only resolved immediate issues but also provided a scalable framework for future growth. The implemented solutions have empowered One Click LCA to maintain high-quality data and make informed, data-driven decisions, thereby positioning them for continued success in their industry.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduction in Opportunity Activities: We observed a significant reduction in the average number of activities per closed-won opportunity, which decreased by 45% from July 2023 to May 2024. This improvement is attributed to the introduction of automated workflows and validation rules that minimized human errors. By reducing the need for corrective actions, sales representatives could focus more on high-value tasks, thereby accelerating the sales cycle and improving overall productivity.

  • Improved Data Quality: With the implementation of automated data validations and stringent quality checks, data accuracy saw a substantial improvement. Errors that previously required manual intervention were significantly reduced, leading to a cleaner and more reliable database. This not only saved time for the Customer Success team but also ensured that the information used for strategic decisions was accurate and trustworthy.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The customization of Salesforce to align with One Click LCA's unique workflows greatly enhanced the user experience for both the Sales and Customer Success teams. Internal processes were streamlined, and multiple inefficiencies were eliminated, making the system more intuitive and easier to navigate. As a result, users could perform their duties more effectively and with fewer interruptions.

  • Better Management Insights: By developing custom data models and KPIs, we provided the management team with powerful tools to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions. The newly created dashboards and reports offered real-time visibility into key business metrics, enabling quicker and more informed strategic planning. This newfound visibility was instrumental in unlocking the potential for data-driven decision-making at all levels of the organization.

  • Integrated Financial Operations:
    We've integrated Salesforce with Stripe Payment and Accounting systems with Salesforce to enable seamless card payments, automated revenue recognition, and full visibility from Salesforce. This integration allowed Salesforce to create payment links, track payments, automatically update information, and transfer data to the Accounting system. This automation improved payment processing efficiency, reduced manual errors, and ensured accurate financial reporting, supporting better financial management and compliance. Finance department reported 30% decrease in the invoice processing time.

Client Testimonial

  • "The unique benefit brought by AgileDev was their ability to quickly understand the scope of the project and offer multiple alternatives on how we could proceed. Their implementation was on-time, and the post-implementation support was impeccable."

  • "What I found to be most useful was, due to their vast Salesforce experience, they could understand my needs as a Sales Ops professional, even though I'm not familiar with all the technical capabilities of Salesforce. All they required was an accurate description of how we want something to work and they were able to fill in the gaps and come up with a solution that worked for the team."

Vasilis Kalfountzos

Sales Operations Manager,

One Click LCA

  • "This team is exceptional in its dedication to their work. They don't just take orders and complete tasks, but instead, they extensively analyze different business scenarios and proactively avoid potential bottlenecks."

  • "Working with this team has been a boon due to their excellent technical documentation and care for our data repository. They ensure documentation is always provided, making automation creation and changes seamless. AgileDev's handling of complex requirements has given us peace of mind, and their training is helping us become self-sufficient Salesforce administrators."

Chin Shing Lim-Virtanen

Salesforce System Owner,

One Click LCA


Through our strategic and agile approach, AgileDev Group was able to deliver significant improvements in process efficiency, data quality, and management visibility for One Click LCA. Despite the complexity of the challenges, we remained cost-effective by involving only the necessary stakeholders and flexibly adjusting our team size based on the workload. The agile methodology enabled us to maintain transparency, ensure timely delivery of features, and continuously adapt to feedback. Consequently, we not only met the project goals but also provided a scalable and sustainable solution that supports One Click LCA's ongoing growth and success.

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